How Is The Green Miyagi Business Unique?


 TGM is unique not in our love for Earth or for Generation Z children & their futures, but our focus to promote that care & practice sustainability makes us stand out compared to other auto detailers & car washes. We are revolutionary because of our utilization of Waterless Wash technology.


 TGM believes that private businesses should not generate profit at the expense of our environment, or to the detriment of other people in our local community & humanity in general. We call it Private Business for Public Benefit, and our reasoning is that this way makes the world better place for all.


We believe that to financially gain from consumers a company should practice social responsibility & hold themselves accountable for other people lives & well-being now & those not yet even born. Also, business can help the general public not just customers and we created an example model of how.

How Does TGM Benefit You & Everyone Else Too?



TGM utilizes Waterless Wash technology & only uses products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and eco-safe. Being waterless prevents waste water to conserve already insufficient supplies to meet upcoming Gen Z daily drinking water needs. Eco-Safe product use prevents water table contamination & ensures that humans, animals, and plants remain healthy and toxin-free.



The Green Miyagi Mobile Advantage is the benefit provided as we deliver our clean so that you can lean! The only precious time taken from your busy life are mere seconds providing vehicle (and key) location. Home, School, Work, or any place the vehicle will be stationary long enough to complete the detail. The convenience we provide as a mobile detailing service gives you & your family freedom for what is more important in life.



Yes! A TGM Waterless Hand Detail could be a Twofer for you if you're also doing other things. Also, TGM only touches your vehicle while others by power washing spray other cars, leave contaminated runoff water, and are so loud. If all your doors can open fully the only thing anyone will notice is the the beauty of your vehicle and pride & joy you feel when you get inside your ride!

What Area Does The Green Miyagi Provide Service To?


The Green Miyagi standard service area is all of Grayson County, Texas. We will also serve counties adjacent to Grayson (Fannin, Collin, Denton, and Cooke) for an additional $20 per trip fee. We will provide mobile service to North Texas counties twice removed from Grayson (Hunt, Rockwall, Dallas, Tarrant, Wise, & Montague) for an additional $30 per trip fee. Additional fee due to increased fuel costs & drive time. Since Grayson County is our primary focus service to other countries may not always be available.

Can My Vehicle Be Too Dirty For Waterless Wash?

 Yes, but we can still provide a mobile & eco-safe detail if: 1) Your vehicle is borderline too-dirty we can pre-wash with the bucket method while only wasting a few extra gallons of water, and 2) You pre-wash the vehicle using another method like a car wash or power washer before we arrive. If only water is used to remove debris you will still not sacrifice protecting our water supply from toxins for having a detail clean car. 

Use button below to determine if so:

How Dirty Is Too Dirty?

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For Auto Detailing?

The button below will take you to & provides general information about the general expectations & various costs of auto detailing:


How Do I Maximize The Value Of My Hard-Earned Money $?

You can increase value for your detail in a number of ways:

1. Before selling or trading in vehicles increase value by detailing them first.

2. Recognize detailing values using the links in this section of this same page. 

3. We provide the discounts listed below for multiple vehicles & frequent detailing. Take advantage of them when possible.

4. Consider local weather predictions to avoid spending on detailing right before rainstorms. 

Check using button below:

10-Day Forecast (SHERMAN, TX) From

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